TRAILFEST 13th Annual Recreational Cycling Event


Points East Coastal Drive - Confederation Trail


Friday, October 4, 2019 (all day)


3 days

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Day 1, Mt Stewart to St. Peters 17km.

Day 2, St. Peters to Bear River 18km. 

Day 3, Bear Rver to Elmira 24km.

This is a family oriented social RECREATIONAL CYCLING event for all ages and abilities on selected sections of the beautiful Confederation Trail in Eastern Prince Edward Island. The event will take participants through some of the most quaint communities on the Island and offer views of the scenic fall foliage. Participants can cycle all three days or choose to bike one or two days.

Volunteer Trail Officers accompany participants during the event to offer support and assistance as required. A bicycle clinic is provided. Socials or receptions with refreshments are included. Prizes will be drawn for each day.

Registration each day one hour before departure. Registration Fee: $10.00 per person per day, $30.00 for the three days. Children 14 and under and Cycling PEI members FREE.


There's so much to do! #HomeoftheSundayDrive

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