Points East Coastal Drive isnt just a summer destination > We're Open All Year! ! We've organized the best of the bunch who stay open during the winter months. Check them out, and thank you for supporting our regions local small businesses. 

To support our local businesses who are Open All Year > We've developed some Winter Packages & Deals  for you all to take advantage of! Experience the best of what Eastern PEI has to offer in this winter season. 

Shopping local, from your living room! We've organized a pile of online stores for you to choose from, easy to pay and keeps you close to home. Love Local PEI & Do Some Online Shopping !!

Bogside is the historic local name for the neighbourhood along the north side of the beautiful Montague River. Once an industrial area along the waterfront and railway tracks; Bogside is a place for the finest kind of adventure and exploration. 

Our taproom is always a welcoming spot for friends to gather and enjoy a pint or socialize over some delicious food. Every town has that one place where you feel alive, a place to catch up, and the relaxed atmosphere of a public house. This is ours.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous process we use to brew our award winning beer. With only four key ingredients needed to create our delicious brews, you can be sure we take our water, malt, yeast and hops.. pretty seriously. 

Lucky for you, we don’t plan on keeping all of this to ourselves. You want the secret ingredients to fantastic beer? We’ve got them.

Check out our facebook page for entertainment.

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