St. Peters Lighthouse
St. Peters Lighthouse

Carrie Gregory

Carrie Gregory always took photos of everything. She took her camera everywhere, eventually making herself responsible as the one to take photos. Quiet and introverted, she used photography as an escape to discover and express herself – something too that she could do on her own.

Nature and Water – The continuous learning is what makes photography exciting for me. Through a nature-loving friend who would invite me to go hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing and sailing, I started developing a greater appreciation and joy for nature and water. It has this calm peaceful energy that makes me feel present, in the moment. I combined this discovered love for nature's beauty with my photography. I wonder why more people are not hiking around the woods or walking along the beach, especially in eastern PEI. I want to show people how great this area is. I think photography is about connection. A connection with self, others, the environment, and/or a feeling. I let that guide my inspiration. Small details help me appreciate the big world, and in eastern PEI there is something for everyone to connect with. My favourite places to shoot are along the coastline & associated beaches, near the salty water and waves, boardwalks, and lighthouses.

Lakeside – There are many diverse patterns in the sand, formed from the waves and wind – little rocks and shells, squiggles and curves. Sunset and sunrise create shadows and paint golden highlights on the sand. I love watching and photographing the piping plovers flying in sync or walking along beach, leaving footprints as they go. 

St. Peter’s Bay Area – A scenic drive and narrow dirt road creates a sense of anticipation for this location. There are so many ways to photograph the many things it has to offer. Primary colors make for a pleasant view, and are showcased through the red lighthouse, the blue sky, and the yellow in the grass. You can walk along the beach to an old wharf and watch the waves crash on the textured wood and red rocks; or visit the still-active Red Head Harbour fishing village, where I once shot a series of family photos against the older heritage buildings. At Greenwich, the boardwalks are inviting, and give lines to creatively frame your photos against the endless view of water and dunes.

Basin Head – From here you can see the Magdalen Islands ferry streaming across the water, with cliffs to right, white sands to left, and the slightly infamous pedestrian bridge across the channel which people find irresistible to jump from.

Keppoch Road Beach – The trick is to visit this south shore private beach experience at low tide when it reveals hermit crabs, snails, clams, mussel shells, seagulls, rocks, ripples in the sand, water sports, and foxes looking for a snack. When I’m not shooting, I relax by using my feet to create wave patterns in the calm pools of warm water. 

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