We invite you to get creative-experience painting on location.

Celebrate your creativity & enjoy the company of artists in this unique immersive experience.

Attend all or any of 'paint out' days at beautiful selected locations July 1-5, 2020.  Hang your work at the exhibition & sale and be eligible for one of many the awards with a grand prize $1500!

For art supporters, this is a great opportunity to purchase an original work of art at the exhibition & sale held at Kings Playhouse, Georgetown.

Feel free to contact us at anytime!

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Painting locations will be in beautiful communities along the Points East Coastal Drive in eastern PEI.








July 1 - Murray Harbour
Located in the southeastern corner of Prince Edward Island, Murray Harbour is a unique little place that offers the best of Island scenery, culture, and hospitality.  Steeped in a rich maritime history, the fishing village offers genuine small-town charm.  More info here

July 2 - Morell
For outdoor and adventure lovers, the Morell River is considered a "must" for sport fishing, canoeing and kayaking. This is the Island’s foremost Atlantic Salmon river. For cyclists and hikers, the stretch of the Confederation Trail winding along the shoreline between Morell and St. Peters is considered by many the most picturesque on PEI.  More info here

July 3 - Souris boardwalk
The Souris Beach Gateway Park provides wonderful water vistas of the town of Souris and the harbour.  This day park is a great place to spend the day. Showers and washroom facilities are also on site.  Once you enter the town, you will be enamored with the 19th century buildings, many of which house local artisans.  Souris’ Historic Lighthouse was built in 1880, and stands 14.3 meters above the cliff on Knight Point overlooking the town of Souris. You can discover the panoramic seascape and history of the Harbour and Town of Souris by climbing 45 steps to the lantern room and the outer platform. More info here

July 4 - Montague
"Montague The Beautiful" is so named because of the tranquil river running through the town, the lovely tree-lined streets and the stately heritage homes, The crown jewel of Montague is the Waterfront area on the Montague River. The Waterfront area is a large part of the history of the Town with its wooden boardwalk, original train turnstile remnants, and magnificent views it is a magnet for locals and tourists that pays homage to the history of the area.  More info here

July 5 - Georgetown
Georgetown is a picturesque small town on Prince Edward Island’s eastern coast that is part of the municipality of Three Rivers.  Georgetown is a postcard-perfect maritime town.  With so many beautiful views around Georgetown, visitors and residents alike love going for walks in the gardens and along the waterfront.  More info here

The festival is now in its 7th year, and it attracts artists from across Canada and the U.S. with over 50 artists registered last year. It attracts painters at all levels for a chance to exhibit and qualify for one of the many awards, with a Best in Show award of $1500!

Our participants can be seen painting the wonderful eastern PEI landscape at various locations each day.

It is no wonder that so many artists come and derive so much inspiration from the rich landscapes and seascapes of the island.

All of it, leading up to the exhibition of artwork, which will be open to the public at the Kings Playhouse, Georgetown on July 4, 5 2020

Awards will be presented at a Gala Reception on the evening of the 4th. 
All works will be available for purchase.

The Festival is open to artists who have registered. 

Artists comments from last year:

Loved it all. Plein air painting is not my usual thing but it was challenging and interesting. This is enough to keep me coming back plus the artists are awesome.

I really enjoyed it. I hope to attend again next year. This was the fifth year that I have participated in the festival.

Everything went very smoothly....Glad you planned the festival to coordinate with the wonderful weather...haha. Hope to see you next year.

... the whole experience was really great!


This is an open artist festival. NO JURY PROCESS REQUIRED TO ENTER

The Registration of the Festival gives you:

  • Access to attend all or any of ‘paint outs’ days at beautiful pre-selected locations, to
  • Exhibit & sell artwork at the Festival Exhibition
  • Eligibility for festival awards.
  • Welcome meet and greet reception.
  • Attendance to the awards reception.

The entry fee is a flat rate, regardless of how many days an artist paints.  Registrations must be accompanied by payment.

Early Bird Registration is open now.  The cost is $55.00 CDN, plus 15% HST for a total of $63.25.  On June 1st, registration will cost $70.00 CDN, plus 15% HST for a total of $80.50. Registration will close on June 15.

To register CLICK HERE and submit the online form, then select a payment method from below:


3 ways to pay for registration:

  • Via e-transfer to islandeast@eastlink.ca
  • Mail in a cheque to this address: Island East Tourism Group, PO Box 95, St. Peters Bay, PE  C0A 2A0
  • Use the link below to pay with a credit card or PayPal Account (A service fee of $1.90 CDN will apply)





Stay tuned for package offers from our accommodation partners

Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the 7th Annual 2020 Points East Plein Air and on behalf of the coordinators, we sincerely wish that you will make this festival an annual pilgrimage in the future. Make new friends, develop your skills as a painter and enjoy the outdoor painting experience in Prince Edward Island.

  • All artists must register, sign-in if pre-registered, on arrival.
  • Each blank canvas, or painting surface intended to be used by entrants will be inspected for complete “blankness” and marked with a stamp at the beginning of each days painting. A color surface with gesso is permitted.
    • Canvas stamping will take place from 9:00am - noon each day.
  • Artists can paint for as long as they like at each location.
  • Artwork may not be completed from reference photos and must be a direct painting of the scene surrounding the artist.
  • Artwork must be either framed or have finished edges and be ready to hang.
  • Artists may create as many works as desired.
  • A limit of 4 pieces of artwork may be entered for judging portion of the Festival.
  • Only two-dimensional artwork will be accepted. No photography or prints permitted.
  • All artwork must be completed in an outdoor setting at the festival venues.
  • It is the responsibility of the artist to get permission needed to paint on private properties.
  • For artwork to be eligible for judging to must be brought to the exhibition ready to hang by 4:00pm on Saturday July 4, 2020.
  • The festival is not responsible for the artwork. All art is owned by the artist, and any damages that may occur to the art are the responsibility of the artist.
  • Pricing of all artwork is at the discretion of the artist.  The Plein-Air Festival, will handle all sales and collect a 25% commission.
  • Artists of the works awarded prizes, will allow the Festival the use of photos, of the art, for promotional purposes.
  • Any works entered for final judging must have the official stamp.

What to Bring: You should bring anything you need to paint – easel, chair, small table, sun hat, umbrella etc. You should bring weather protection in case of inclement weather as there is very limited shelter space. We will have some supplies of drinking water and granola bars for artists.


There's so much to do! #HomeoftheSundayDrive

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