Escape into a truly unique landscape. Experience a sense of awe and serenity as you take in the towering parabolic dune system and pristine white sand beaches at Greenwich. The extensive trail system offers approachable hiking and cycling opportunities, a wheelchair accessible loop, a floating boardwalk, and interpretive panelling. Beachgoers discover a secluded expanse of soft sand and comfortable picnic areas, as well as supervised swimming. The Greenwich Interpretation Centre features interactive and multi-media displays that bring the region to life, highlighting evidence of 10,000 years of human history.

Greenwich has a long and colorful history, dating all the way back to the Mi’Kmaq who fished off of its shores, and was a home to the earliest French settlers who migrated there from their shipwreck at Naufrage. For many years, before it was designated a National Park, the land around Greenwich was even farmed by locals in the area. Many changes have taken place at Greenwich throughout this time, but one thing that has always remained constant is the shifting sand dunes which dominate the area.


Dates of Operation

Intrepretation Centre: June 15 - September 5 (9am - 5pm 7 days/week)

Beach Facilities: June 9 - September 14

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